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Bulk LPG Gas

M&M Gases are able to supply bulk LPG gas throughout Central England, available for both industrial and commercial customers. Our team provides regular deliveries to customers throughout Central England so we will always have a delivery slot available for you.

Bulk LPG gas provides businesses with a gas supply which they might not have been able to get otherwise. This makes it ideal for businesses which are off grid and not able to connect to a mains gas supply.

What is Liquid Petroleum Gas?

LPG (Liquid Petroleum Gas) is a term given to two different types of gas which are propane and butane. These gases are a by-product of gas and oil extraction as well as oil refining. Both gases have become a vital part of the United Kingdom’s off-grid energy source due to it being extremely energy efficient.

LPG is very versatile and can be used practically anywhere with hundreds of uses. Many different industries use LPG these include caravan parks, industrial heating, forklift truck fuel, hospitality and agriculture. A lower carbon footprint of all fossil fuels is provided by LPG gas and fewer pollutants are emitted into the atmosphere.

A bulk storage tank of LPG gas can be used to fuel central heating systems and water heaters. More industrial applications for this type of gas are furnaces, incinerators and paint drying ovens.

Pubs and hotels which are more rural would greatly benefit from a bulk LPG gas supply as this would be a more cost effective option than fitting a mains supply.

M&M Gases currently operate out of two different depots in Central England our delivery can cover anywhere within this area.

If you have an enquiry for bulk lpg gas and would like a quote then please get in touch and we will be happy to give you a free no obligation quote.

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We sell a wide range of regulators for a variety of different gas bottles,
these include:

  • Co2 Regulators
  • Butane Regulators
  • Propane Regulators
  • Propane Change Over Regulators
  • Patio Gas Regulators
  • BBQ Gas Regulators

Hoses & Pigtails

hoses and pigtails

We have Various Hose and PIgtails:

  • 8mm Flexible hose
  • Long and short rubber pigtails
  • Long and short armoured pigtails
  • Welding Accessories


  • LPG spanners
  • Various LPG fittings
  • Gas warning stickers
  • Co2 leak detector spray
  • Burners

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Bratby Gases have been my supplier of beer gases from the beginning when Mark used to come round delivering on his own. The business has thrived even in some hard times over the years. I hope Bratby Gases continue to do so in the future.

Derek Brookes from the Horseshoe Inn, Pontesbury

Bratby Gases having been supplying us with Forklift and Industrial Gas for many years, in which time we have found them extremely helpful and competitive with their prices. All there staff are very helpful and always willing to go that extra mile. We are happy with the service they provide to us.

Alan Holt & Terry Jones From Roofrite

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