Barbecue (BBQ) Gas Bottles & Cylinders

Get ready to grill with our range of BBQ gas bottles.

We stock and supply gas bottles for barbecues throughout Central England. Available in 5kg and 13kg sizes and at very competitive prices, we offer regular deliveries so please get in touch to find out more. 

Never be unprepared again when a spot of sunshine appears. Cook up a feast for your friends and family whenever you need to.

We are the Air Products main agent for Central England. In addition, we also stock Calor and budget gas ideal for a range of gas BBQs. Call us for a free quote.

Why Choose Our Barbecue Gas Bottles And Cylinders?

We value your BBQ experience and want to contribute to making it a pleasurable one. Therefore, we don’t compromise on the quality and safety of our products. This is what we have in store for you.

  • We have a wide range of high-quality gas bottles and cylinders that are available in 5kg as well as 13kg sizes
  • All our products come at competitive prices that will fit right within your pocket
  • We offer regular deliveries, and our supply goes throughout England
  • We have Calor and budget gas cylinders in stock that are ideal for a wide range of gas BBQ tasks


🗸 5kg BBQ Gas Bottle

🗸 13kg BBQ Gas Bottle

The Benefits of Using Barbecue Gas Bottles and Cylinders

Why watch a spot of sunlight disappear again simply because you are not prepared for an outdoor cooking experience. These BBQ gas bottles and cylinders will ensure that:

  • You are always ready for any good weather
  • You are in complete control of your grilling process
  • You have better control over the temperature

Contact us for more information and for a free quote:

Shropshire & Staffordshire: 01743 449911

Worcestershire: 01905 621488


Gas Regulators


We sell a wide range of regulators for a variety of different gas bottles,
these include:

  • Co2 Regulators
  • Butane Regulators
  • Propane Regulators
  • Propane Change Over Regulators
  • Patio Gas Regulators
  • BBQ Gas Regulators

Hoses & Pigtails

hoses and pigtails

We have Various Hose and PIgtails:

  • 8mm Flexible hose
  • Long and short rubber pigtails
  • Long and short armoured pigtails
  • Welding Accessories


  • LPG spanners
  • Various LPG fittings
  • Gas warning stickers
  • Co2 leak detector spray
  • Burners

Want any more information?

Just give us a ring on 01743 449911 or 01905 621488. You can also email us at

M&M Gases have been my supplier of beer gases from the beginning when Mark used to come round delivering on his own. The business has thrived even in some hard times over the years. I hope Bratby Gases continue to do so in the future.

Derek Brookes from the Horseshoe Inn, Pontesbury

M&M Gases has been supplying us with Forklift and Industrial Gas for many years, in which time we have found them extremely helpful and competitive with their prices. All their staff are very helpful and always willing to go that extra mile. We are happy with the service they provide to us.

Alan Holt & Terry Jones From Roofrite

FAQ about Barbecue Gas Bottles

What gas bottle for a BBQ?

If you own a gas barbecue and you are unsure of what type of gas you should use, here is a brief guide to help you.

Barbecues run on LPG which stands for Liquified Petroleum Gas. There are 2 types of LPG, butane which is ideal for camping, single burner cooking appliances and indoor portable heaters, and propane, ideal for commercial heating, large appliances, catering vans, barbecues and patio heaters. 

For BBQs, the most appropriate Propane Gas bottle to use is the Patio gas, specially designed for Outdoor appliances. Patio gas bottles also have a gas track indicator, which is useful to track your gas usage. 


How to connect a gas bottle to a BBQ?

The following will explain how to connect a Patio Gas Bottle to your BBQ, if you are using any other type of gas, make sure to check the instructions accordingly.

Before you connect a patio gas bottle to a barbecue, make sure to do the following checks: 

  • Your clip-on regulator is of the same dimension as your gas bottle valve. For example, you will need a BBQ gas regulator for a BBQ gas bottle. If you're unsure, get in touch and we will happily assist.
  • Remove the protective cap on the gas cylinder and make sure the top of the valve is intact and clean.
  • Check that the switch is on the off position before disconnecting the regulator.

Once you've completed all these checks, you are ready to connect your BBQ gas bottle!

  1. Place the regulator on the gas cylinder valve and press down firmly until you hear an audible ‘click’. This indicates that the regulator is in place.
  2. Turn on the gas by moving the switch a quarter counterclockwise.
  3. Always switch it off after use.

Still unsure how to attach your gas bottle to the BBQ? Get in touch!


How to disconnect a gas bottle from the BBQ?

To disconnect and remove your BBQ gas bottle, make sure to follow the following steps:

  1. Turn off the regulator by moving the switch one quarter clockwise.
  2. If the flame doesn't go out, let the appliance alight and contact M&M Gases immediately.
  3. If the flame goes out, press the 'push' button and lift the regulator off the valve.
  4. Using a butane gas bottle? Don't forget to place the safety cap onto the valve.


Where to store BBQ gas bottles?

  • Make sure you store any gas cylinders in a secured outdoor area or a well-ventilated place. This is to avoid any accident or fatality in the event of a gas leak.
  • Ensure your gas bottles are stored away from heat and ignition sources.
  • Keep your gas cylinders upright.
  • Store or use gas bottles above ground level. This is because propane and butane are heavier than air, and if released in an underground space, the gas will sink causing a high possibility of suffocation. 


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