Frequently Asked Questions

What gas is used for mig welding mild steel?

The best all purpose gas for welding mild steel is a 75 percent argon and 25 percent carbon dioxide blend. This gas gives the best appearance to the weld and also helps to prevent burn through on thinner metals.

What gas to use when mig welding aluminum?

Pure argon is the most popular gas used when welding aluminium. This due to it being a non-ferrous metal.

What is argon gas used for in welding?

Argon gas is used for shielding the weld during the welding process. This is to create a more durable and better looking weld, argon doesn’t react with anything so makes it an ideal shielding gas.

What type of gas for tig welding?

The most common gas for tig welding is argon but sometimes helium is added to increase the weld penetration. Argon mixtures can be used to weld all grades.

What is shielding gas in welding?

The purpose of shielding gas in welding is to prevent exposure of the weld pool to the air in the atmosphere where it could react with oxygen and other gases.

What is camping gas?

Camping gas is used for stoves, heaters and non-electric lanterns when camping. There are two main types of gas used in camping, these are propane and butane.

Where to store camping gas?

Gas canisters can be volatile if they contain flammable gas such as propane and butane. One of the most important things is to keep gas bottles away from sources of heat, this heat will cause the pressure in the bottle to increase and could lead to an explosion.

Can I take camping gas on a ferry?

Camping gas size bottles are ok to take on a ferry, however you can’t run your fridge on gas while on the ferry. Check with the ferry company before you make any travel plans to find out the latest rules and restrictions.

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